Progress on the Kitchen Front...

Phew... what a busy day today has been! Im almost looking forward to getting back to my workshop tommorow....
I finished painting the wall this morning, so this afternoon I brought in my emptied dresser top. I love this very slim, small dresser. Its full of character and houses some of my favourite treasures. These include a collection of my Great Aunts ancient kilner jars, precious egg cups that belonged to my Mother, part of my spotty collection of cornishware, including a few original cornishware pieces, some Bovey Pottery pieces.... and various other bits and bobs.
Mr Fairysteps popped it up on the wall for me... I filled it with treasure. Better pictures of this tommorow I think!
The oak dresser bottom / sideboard is built very well with a solid oak frame and some nice carving on the drawers, but its so dingy and dark!
I spent an age sanding it down then headed to previously mentioned shed full of paint (shhhh, I get told off about this ALL the time...) and searched high and low for the same paint that my lovely green chair shown in the foreground was painted in. I nearly gave up at one point, but was very Very VERY happy to find a tin lurking at the back of a shelf. I had this paint colour mixed about 10 years ago! Its the bestest colour on the planet. I decided the bonnet colour was going to be too creamy and samey and probably rather boring in the end.
It is now all painted, but I think will need a quick top coat tommorow. Its going to dry darker like the chair legs you can just see at the edge of the image. I hope to have it all sorted and tidied by tommorow evening and am happy to say that its 'yet another job' out of the way.

Mr Fairysteps is brewing a new batch of stout in the kitchen and Im heading for my knitting bag to sew up the chocolate cardigan mark 2.... Fingers crossed! My tea cup appears to be empty so I may have to make a fresh pot first....

Last notes:
1. Yearly eye test tommorow, thank heavens because my eyes have been very tired lately. I always buy the cheapest Boots glasses they offer, always in the Mens range!! I dont care what they look like, they are loose dull and comfortable.... it must be an age thing!
2. Shoes to make this week... hoping to start some of the new stock ones.
3. If the cardigan goes well I get to start a NEW knitting project (yesssssss).
4. Must carry on with my daily walks, Im enjoying them no end and have seen some wonders (more on this later).
5. Ive bought new leather in the most stunning teal nubuck so be prepared for a flurry of bags and accessories coming into stock soon in this colour.

Enjoy the remainders of the weekend everyone, Ren x
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