Post, but it could have been Pirate!

New style - POST!

Both are just in the shop and can be viewed here!

Inspired by the large mail bags carried by many footsore posties of days gone by!
By the look of it, with a slightly 'pirate' feel too! Postmen might find that insulting.... being grouped together with pirates. I like postmen, they bring things like sewing patterns in brown envelopes and other goodies.
This is a big bag with a shallow profile, ideal for an A5 diary and all the other bits and bobs you might need. The green one even has a front mobile pocket.
All finished off with the biggest buckle I could find in Fairysteps Land. Ive had these buckles for 2 years and never found a use for them. They are silky satin smooth to the touch.

Ive had so many bags in my head at the moment that I am having trouble sleeping. They all want to be made first!

Shoemaking tommorow so NO more bags for at least 3 days!
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