Posing on a Sunday...

As promised a little glimpse of me wearing one of the new (plundered stock) Nomads dresses. I LOVE IT!!!! Ive layered mine with a matching petticoat in chocolate brown for added length and modesty! It happens to match my handknitted pure wool pea pod green cardigan a treat. In fact they could have been made for each other. What a happy coincidence.... I am wearing my dark brown ribboned Quinces which seem to go with everything in my wardrobe. Never in the history of fashion have a pair of shoes ever been put upon so....
This rather lovely organic cotton dress (not this one, I mean one like it) can be purchased in the Fairysteps online shop here
My head appears to be missing in this picture, but thats allright, it was surplus to requirements because what I really wanted to show you was the wrap around detail at the front of the dress. Very feminine! This dress has quite a 1940's feel to it and even prompted me to unearth an old lipstick and smear a wee bit on for a touch of colour. Unfortunately this had the instant effect of making look incredibly pale, haggard and ready for burying.
Its funny though, 'putting on' lipstick feels so Grown Up, quite alien to me! Im not keen on make up, especially trowelled on polyfiller like foundation, but a teeny touch of rosy lips and the odd sparkle on the eyelids can look rather pretty. I must investigate if this lipstick brand is still available. I bought it 20 years ago in a healthfood shop... that tells you how often Ive indulged! The brand is Beauty Without Cruelty and the colour, iced melon, liptint. Very subtle.
Does anyone know if its still made???

Time to carry on cleaning, but unlike Sid James or Hattie Jakes, Im not actually laughing.....

Happy Sunday to everyone!
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