Plans are afoot...

I thought you might like a little preview of my latest leathers... We have a bright, new Beech leaves, green, richest pacific blue, soft violet and a natural antiqued pebble colour. Im so excited about cutting them all!
So what do I plan to make with them?

Well... remember this beautiful JUDE bag I make back along...
I rather liked it, and so did someone else because it sold very quickly. Its a good medium size bag so its a useful size. I plan on making a small hill of these bags in those leathers up there... I will enjoy choosing the contrast colours for the bead slot cover. In fact, Im so excited about getting started Im having trouble sleeping!

I will be cutting my last custom orders on Monday and MUST try to get some of this buttery yumminess cut alongside them. A girls got to sleep!

Its a wet weekend but luckily its dry inside... I continue to do battle with my crochet cushions!

Ren x
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