Pining for Clemmie...

Ive had my CLEMMIE bag for at least 2 years now... She was the first I ever made, the prototype while I perfected the pattern... She has been dropped in the Sea (don't ask...), traveled far and wide, been slept on by my cats, never polished... (I know after all the nagging I do to you all about polishing leathergoods), trodden under clumsy feet in the car and any other indignation you could throw at a bag... Hence she is battered and bruised! But continues to be loved...

I even recently decided she need a leather corsage to wear. Sort of a medal of honour for services rendered for Queen and country... And once I popped it on... I just knew that in my minds eye, a whole army of Clemmies were lining up before me, all wanting corsages, and that I had to get some flower making leathers in daffy down dilly yellow and deep blossom pinks, cornflower blues and deepest violets...

Because as lovely as she is 'bare'... imagine this bag with soft green curly leaves and ragglebloom tangerine blossoms...

And classic conker brown with full blown poppy red, or rich caramel and biscuit...

I feel quite weak at the knees at the prospect! Watch this space!

Last notes: 
  • I am working on March orders now. 
  • All remaining February orders should be posted by the end of the week!
  • Cutting PURE GOLD leather today and almost had to wear sunglasses it was so bright!
  • If I buy any new leathers tomorrow I shall post an update for you all!
  • Ive removed CUSTOM footwear listings from Etsy due to my workload! They are still available on my website at though! And hopefully will continue to be! If I get very full I would rather whittle down the styles on offer than close custom again! So be warned!
  • In between shoemaking I will be slotting in time for making accessories for the shop.
  • Thank heavens Spring is here!
Ren x
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