PETAL and recent shoe hatchings...

Just a few of the last batch of goodies to share... PETAL in Violet with JADE flower accent.
MOONBEAM in plum.
MUSTARDSEED pimpernel version in Jet and Violet.
TITANIA in plum.

Currently working on these for stock...
  • A new style called NINA which I am making in soft red leather with Russian doll ribbon trim. I may have to keep these!!! Although I do think that anyone who sees them will WANT them on the spot...
  • VERITY in UK 6 in a new Jade leather with chocolate insoles and chocolate polka dot ribbon trim.
  • PETAL in UK 7 in another new leather colour called Meadow, its the perfect vintage green you find on 1940s bread bins! These have a Tan flower accent.
  • Some super SPOTTY DOTTY shoes which are literally covered in little spots of colour!
  • MUSTARDSEED in UK 4 in Larch and Peanut butter. I cut these before Christmas but just havent had time to sew them up.
Plus lots of bespoke orders on the go so lots of goodies will be winging out to customers over the next couple of weeks.

Im off to carry on with my DOT blanket now. Its nearly finished, Im on the border!

Ren x
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