Pea green petticoat in the making...

Afternoon off to do some dressmaking for me :)
I always use scissors for snipping but dear friend tells me a rotary cutter is the way to go. Time to play :)
Pattern drafting first. I use this skirt pattern so much for both upper skirts and petticoats that its very over used. Redrafting onto brown paper for stability. Deep green petticoat needed desperately. ..

Cutting commences, strictly speaking its rolling! I LIKE this rotary cutter thing very much!

One new green rosy petticoat coming up :) time to sew the ruffles as I am putting 3 tiers on this one.

Everything over locked and nice and tidy. Time to get the zip in. I’m doing an overlap zip on this one :)

Maybe I had better stay stitch that top waist edge first! Oops. Nearly forgot!

Zip is in. Narrow turned hem done. All pressed neatly. Waist stay stitched. Perfect burgundy wide bias binding located in sewing room… last thing to finish is the waistband. Nearly there!!!

This is how I do a bias bound waist with wide 25mm binding tape. Place tape rightside down to wrong side of skirt. I fold the end back under first to finish the edge. Then stitch in the little crease of the tape, and keep below your stay stitching line! See you at the other end…

When you get to the end just fold the tape under and finish stitching. Excuse chipped up nails! It comes from daily battling with sewing heavy leathers!

All pressed. Time to fold and sew the tape on the right side now.

Finished petticoat x
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