Overseas shipping updates.

I have found some interesting links on this whole shipping business... a particularly interesting one was here.
Ive spent hours trawling (excuse the pun) the internet looking for articles / informed advice about this whole shipping business. Ive come to the conclusion that shipping by surface mail only is a do-able compromise. Nearly all of the articles I have found suggest that its better to ship by boat and the worst of it is that Ive since discovered that even 1st and 2nd class post in this country is sent by aeroplane!! Can you believe it, I had no idea! So in theory, I shouldnt be running a mail order business in my own country even.
I guess our entire lives are about compromises in the end.

So there we have it. I shall swallow my ethical pride and put the overseas option back on the Fairysteps website BUT be warned.... its surface ONLY! Slow but sure, and hopefully greener!

Some will be pleased, others will be dissapointed, so apologies for the latter group. Just trying my best in a very confused, my god, its an ethical minefield sort of way.

Please, no mean comments on this or I feel I shall have to find a rock to crawl under....
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