Online photo galleries and pulling hair out......

A long time ago in the murky mists of time past..... I bought the domain and never quite did anything with it... until now that is!!!

I have never quite been pleased with the flickr albums and the fact that you cant really change the background or anything. And some people dislike those flash badges, etc. So there I was thinking to myself, I could make my own gallery on a seperate website and link to it from here! Easy peasy, pudding and pie!

So after a couple of hours spare time this evening building a new website with good old frontpage its up and running! The galleries are no where near complete but I am very pleased with the overall look. The domain was purchased from for about £6 for 2 years, and I signed up for a free hosting account, so nothing to pay there! I then downloaded aceftp freeware on the internet, built the site and then uploaded. Its that easy!

The galleries will give me a chance to put all of my treasures in order!

Oh yes, and what have I been doing lately? Making shoes, belts, bags, starting a new cardi, and the naughty bit now..... ordered some very pretty half price sewing patterns for the summer from ready for summer sewing. I shall photograph them on arrival.

Shocking is'nt it!

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