On the Worktable...

Just a quick update:
At the moment we have a batch of mixed custom orders and stock shoes on the worktable, including:

HOLLY in plum / wine (Kitty).
MUSTARDSEED Plum / Truffle (Tara).
PYRAMUS Blue / Bubblegum (Tara).
HOLLY Pink Dragon (Monica).

Plus stock shoes in various sizes...
POTTER 7 in Deep blue and Daffodil.
PETAL 7 (redesigned) in Meadow green and Daffodil.
PETAL 3 (redesigned) in Deep blue and Dragonfly.
HOLLY 6 in Chestnut grained with a long fairy toe.
PYRAMUS 5 in Polished chestnut and green oak.
VERITY 6 in Pansy.
LUNA 4 in daffodil.

All of these should be finished next week! Then its on with the next lot. I shall be working on a double batch of orders before our holiday. That way I wont have quite so much work to come home to and the break will be all the more relaxing for it!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Ren x

p.s. Its nearly 5 oclock in the morning and I havent even been to bed yet! Shocking...
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