Octobers Prizedraw Winner Is...

Well done SUE HARRISON!!!! Youve won! This morning you all went into a pink spotty bowl, and littlest picked just one from the many. Thank you everyone who entered! I wish you all could have won...

Sue can now spend her prize in any of the following places to recieve £10 off of her order amount.
As soon as I receive your order Sue I will refund back £10 to you! Please pop a note on letting me know its the prizedraw order please.

That was quite exciting wasnt it!!!

Part of the pumpkin crop was hauled down to the house today by littlest ready for carving... We are starting our celebrations today. I know its a day late but lets pretend it isnt. The whole family is gathered now ready for stuffing and scaring tonight. Candles are being gathered, the kitchen is decorated and pumpkin soup is on the menu... I plan on having Halloween all week, a day just isnt enough!

Last notes: MUST get some NIMBY chokers finished later as well...
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