No will power AT ALL.....

I knew I said that I would'nt but I just could'nt! Once I had cleaned up the bag of Shetland wool it looked so inviting that I felt myself pulled towards a crochet hook.... and yet another blanket adventure began...

Could I find a simple hexagon pattern in my vast collection of crochet books? Could I find any on the web that werent too fussy or small or too big? Nope! In the end I had to just have a fiddle and make up my own based around the simple knowledge that it had to have 6 sides so would need 6 spaces in the centre. This one shown in a green tweedy mix shetland was the one Ive settled on as best. I dont want any colour changes on the individual motifs (partly because I am feeling too lazy to go through a 'sew a million ends in' episode and partly because I think adopting the less is more approach to home decorating is feeling very much the way to go. Im joining these in as I go too.

I will of course keep you updated with progress, which will be very slow as I only plan on doing one hex a day! I do intend printing this homemade hex pattern and how to join them in here on the blog in the near future.

Last notes:

  • Its turned very cold here and my Mum mentioned the word 'snow' again.... O no...

  • I went across the Moor to look at a lovely black 1950's Morris Minor today, alas we decided not to buy it. I have an old one, silently rotting away in the field... I used to love him.... we had 8 years together.
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