NIMBY because its the only name that would do...

Words are so special arent they... and the most special ones have to be plucked from conversations like plums are picked from a tree. I found a rather yummy one on Sunday morning.... it happened during an interesting conversation at the kitchen table about wind turbine sites and Mr Fairysteps said, "Mmmm, its a case of Nimby. Not In My Back Yard". And I heard that little word which meant so much and had to pluck it out there and then and use it for something special. So into the dandelion down filled brain it went....
Then I saw this wonderful necklet on the edge of the IVY pull up leather and the name fitted it perfectly!

NIMBY, and its in the Fairysteps shop here.

Upside down it looks like a little fairy crown.
I reckon wild fairies would use lost buttons and suchlike for adornments so they would approve of nimby!
I shall make more......
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