NEW woolly treasures in the shop!

Beechmast is finished and is in the Fairysteps shop for sale here!
I was going to make it for me, but had that, "I really ought to sell it" feeling, you know the one....
And as promised... the stained glass tippet. In the shop here!
It turned out so well. A little detail of the vibrant colours are below...
I cant stop using my leather buttons.... they are just so right for so many things.
And a few cowls and corsages are in there too!

The weather is appalling but the colours outside are stunning, all golds and oranges. Ive even put orange and red clothes on today to make me blend in....
I have a really busy week ahead finishing shoe orders and bag making so posts will be sparse, but listings of new leathergoods stock by the end of the week will not!

Have a fun week x
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