NEW treasures in the shop!

By jingo Ive been a busy bee this past week! What with orders and trying to get a smidge of stock made up for the shop its been bedlam! I am still smiling though, and enjoying every minute of my hectic life....
A new Clemmie made in the rather delicious Thunder leather is in the shop here
I came over all artistic when I started this Alder rag tag! The skin had wonderfully unique graining and markings, including a crease right across the flap... so I thought, OK, Im going to go with it and stitch something special right over the top! Its in the Fairysteps shop right here
I even managed to get an XL Alder out of the remainder of the hide, but sadly this leather is now all gone... its in the shop here
Ive been making an order in Holly green so I sneaked a Lula bag in too. Its in the shop here
A Fae raggle taggle clutch for woodzies in Berry red in the shop here
2 Nymph clutches in lilac pearl here
And finally 2 Dimples added to stock, again in Lilac Pearl. Ive sold so many of these perfect purses that I plan to make a veritable mountain of them.... these are in the shop here

See... told you Ive been busy! I will do another post in a few days showing some recent bespoke bags!

Last notes:
  • First sleeve finished on chocolate cardi

  • Cant get enough Otis Taylor music at the moment... what a voice, what blues guitar!!!

  • Im off to peel a hundred spuds for a big family meal tonight

  • I must go to bed earlier, 11.30 is ridiculously late for a woman of my age....!!

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