NEW stock in the shop! Pouches...

Lots of pouches just added to stock!
You can find them in the Fairysteps shop here
Ive been experimenting with taking pictures on a brown paper background and fading out the edges... not sure if it works, BUT it rains so much at this time of year that Im getting rather fed up being held to ransom by rain drops...
Update... it didnt work and looked awful! Ive just retaken the images of all of those pouches. Mr Fairysteps rescued me this morning by bringing me a new slab of wood for me to keep dry on my front porch. If its raining I can whip it out (not sure I will be doing much whipping out as it weighs a ton...) and photograph stock whatever the weather.
The slabs are from an old elm tree felled by my Father many, many decades ago. I have several rings from the tree, one of which is my tabletop that all of the shoes are photographed on. To say its beautiful is an underestimate...
It makes the perfect backdrop to my creations and I love it!!!
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