NEW STOCK! Drip, Snap and Pan...

SNAP in Nightshade EcoTan is in the Fairysteps shop here
And another one in Lapiz EcoTan is here
Ive not made this style for an age. All of my previous stock sold out so I felt it was maybe time to ressurect this fab little wallet style purse.
And I shyly admit that PAN has also been neglected of late. In fact Ive not made many purses at all this year! Gasp... I have also changed how I am stitching on the flowers in future too, Im feeling rather swirly whirly at the present so naturally the stitching was swirly whirly too... This JET version is in the shop here
And finally a DRIP complete with leafy trim here
Im stitching away like a little Shoemakers Elf home here! More stock coming soon... The next batch will be CLEMMIE in Jet, DAPHNE button border in Lapiz, BIRCH in Jet and another in Lapiz.

Last notes:
The Wool man is coming to Fairysteps land tommorow... yell, hop, squeal... Middle tiddlywink is here for a few days, major child squishing going on... I MUST paint my larder white in the next few days... Another bucket of blueberries is ready for picking, Saturday will have to do for that job... Ive run out of cream aran for my LOVE blanket so my hook is silent... Ive got to start another I think!

Ren x
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