NEW STOCK and weekly plans... the games afoot...

JINKS pouches are hatching like... all those duck eggs did last year! Rapidly and in quick succession!
I had great fun making all of these the past week...
Not to mention ALL of the earrings too...

Sherlock Holmes on BBC 7 radio for a whole 3 hours yesterday evening, hence the post title... it was workshop heaven, and because it didnt end till 11 o'clock it was rather late too! I did get alot done though!

Plans for the week ahead...
  • Finish the last 2 pairs of cut shoes and then re-thread the machine ready for soling... en masse... Thats a grand total of 4 bespoke orders nearly finished and 8 pairs to go into stock. The 'nearly there' stock shoes are as follows...
PUCK - UK 6 - Plum
QUINCE - UK 6 - Peat
QUINCE - UK 7 - Nut brown
HOMILY - UK 4 - Fudge / Old Rose
PETAL - UK 5 - Lilac shimmer / Rose
PETAL - UK 5 - Lilac shimmer / Old Rose
PETAL - UK 3 - Rust / Red
PETAL - UK 4 - Rust / Red

So if any of these are in your dreams keep a look out for the stock updates on the facebook page!

Once completed I shall be cutting the next batch of 6 bespoke orders together with 2 pairs of MUSTARDSEED boots which will both go into stock.

Listings this week will include more bespoke shoes, including PETAL and PUCK...

Life is good and it feels wonderful to be heading towards a new Spring. Middlest is cooking up a storm for my second birthday tea at 5.30... 2 in one week, I mean, how lucky am I. Littlest made the first one on the day and I promise some wonderful pictures of that soon, but they arent on my camera! Must retrieve them before they are lost...

Last words... have a wonderful Sunday tea time everyone.
Ren x
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