New stock....

Goodness, I have had a very busy Sunday!
No walk as it poured down, sunshined, poured down... all day. Must go for one in between showers tommorow and look for carpets of blue in the woods.

My lovely old machine has been nigh on smoking! But I did make these two lovely creations (now in the shop) and finished a couple of orders ready to post tommorow to patiently waiting customers!
A fluttery butterfly perched on the edge of this little bag....
And another SKIM complete with mobile pocket in buttery soft black.
A busy week ahead making shoe orders and also a new pair for me! I have named them HOMILY as I feel sure that Pod (from 'The Borrowers' of course) would have made his long suffering wife a pair just like them. Did you all know that Pod was a shoemaker?
Makes me like him even more!!!
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