NEW shoes in the shop... QUINCE in PlumYum, UK 5

The next pair of QUINCE is in the Fairysteps shop here
Its a very seasonal colour and teams up with all the best Autumn colours. I particularly like mixing plum with deep burnt orange and chocolate brown...
There will be another pair listed tommorow... watch this space!

Last notes: Eldest has brought home a GERM from college... littlest has been infected, and in turn by kissing me has passed this little present on... feeling rotten at present and am determinded to collapse with crochet hook later for a rest. After the dishes, cleaning, Etsy listing, cooking tea, and finishing a pair of boots Im working on... of course...!! Imagine, the nerve of the woman, wanting a break!!

Hope everyone is having a good Thursday, minus germs...

Ren x
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