NEW shoes in the shop... oodles of em!

PUCK in Toffee EcoTan in UK 7
Told you I was busy!
PUCK in peanut butter antiqued leather in UK 6
PUCK in lemondrop in UK 6
PYRAMUS in Deep blue and fae pink in UK 5
All came off the suggestion board so were dreams from around the world...
All are in the fairysteps shop here...

Last notes: Beavering away like a bee with a hive to run single handed! But am enjoying myself, which has to be a good thing!! The custom listings are working out a treat. It means that with any of the suggestions that I had cut, I am able to offer custom listings to their suggestors and get them up and finished quickly for them. I am feeling so much better about the whole thing now, and can see a working plan in front of me! I even cut a bag today! Woooo hoooo! Apart from that Ive been intermittantly defrosting my fingers on hot cups of tea...

Ren x
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