NEW shoes in the shop...

Ive been busy working on a new style for the Summer. Something that can be slipped on effortlessly to amble down to the hen house to collect the eggs... Summer shoes that end up being constant companions till the nights start to draw in and the evenings cool.
Im still working on this style, perfecting the shape that I am after. The next few pairs will be it, me thinks! Im making them in various colours, in standard width UK sizes from 3 to 8 as stock items only. I hope to add many from now and throughout the coming months. Watch this space for the final FLIP summer sandal!
The pair above are in stock in the shop here at a reduced price as I am still fiddling with the pattern...
Pretty MOONBEAMS made in powder blue, in size UK 5 are in the shop here
And those 'I want to eat you, you look so good' pair of FLUTTERBY from my earlier post, made in UK 7 are in the shop here
Whilst Spring cleaning the Fairysteps studio this afternoon, I found these wonderful MOONSHINE fairy boots hiding up on a shelf... thats no good is it? They are a UK size 7, and are in the shop here

Thats all folks! Tommorow sees me catching up on housework.....
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