The new blog template is all but ready to take the place of the website (but I shallnt be switching untill all of the stock is moved!) so Ive given myself a pat on the back for that! I found the template here at
It wasnt too bad to install either and I would recommend it to anyone who fancies more of a website themed blog. Ive noticed several rather special businesses who use their blog as a website.

Happy to say that the new Etsy shop is filling up nicely... you can see it here! I keep putting bits in and they keep selling! BUT thats good because thats what is supposed to happen... I have another 200 plus items to list, so if I add about 4 a day thats just over a month. Ready for Christmas.

I have 3 pairs of new shoes very nearly ready to show you all here. I hope to add the final touchs this weekend ready to list on Monday. They are rather lovely and I am excited to share the images here. The next batch includes 2 pairs of MUSTARDSEEDS in UK 4 which is just as well because the others have all sold out now! The stunning larch and peanut butter ones shown above went this morning...

'Work' related posts and stock updates will continue here along with anything to do with home and personal bits and any other news from fairysteps land.
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