New ideas and filling up shoe shelves....

Change is afoot here at Fairysteps Land.....
I have decided to stop (at least for now) making bespoke shoes (yes, weve been here before), and to concentrate on making shoes for stock instead. I have a wealth of patterns in most sizes built up so there should be no shortage of choice! I constantly design new styles so making a few limited edition shoes and boots will be fun for me too! I wont be drafting individual patterns for customers so it will free up a big chunk of time which I can fill with more shoes!
I am very happy for customers to email suggestions for styles and colours, sizes that they would like to see on the NEW shoe pages. I have succesfully sold a lot of stock footwear so it seems a good way to go.
Bags and belts and various accessories will still be available as bespoke.
Last note.... major upheaval as I move my workroom..... I have a large, mostly unused dining room with a whopper of a table (over 7ft long) with oodles of natural light, french windows to the garden, stacks of shelves...... woodburner in the next room..... so when my dear one suggested moving out of the attic into comfort, light and space, how could I refuse?
Ive booked him to make extra wooden shelving for my leathers, and I do mean EXTRA because I have a small mountain range of leather skins, and have been assured its all 'dooable'.
By golly Ive collected some rubbish over the years though (I seemed to have saved every scrap bigger than 1" square.....) and papers, etc, doesnt bear going into!
Trouble is that now I have to face it all and clean up and sort out!!!!!
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