New Bespoke listings...

Well, what a job getting the shop all tidied up for the next 1st of the month mayhem! Ive popped a BIG red B on all the bespoke items and even added a few new ones! Including the lovely DODIE bag...

It was a variation of DAPHNE but needed its own name I thought!

Other changes afoot:
  • Ive tidied my blog and gone back to my old 3 column Minima theme.
  • Ive been cracking on with my orders and think I will reach my target of completing them all before the end of the month! Thats 4 weeks early in the case of most of the footwear orders! Patting myself on the back as soon as Ive finished typing...
  • I am thinking of stopping my mailing list or changing it to a Monthly Newsletter instead of constant emails when I list new stock. I just dont have time and I do Facebook, tweet and blog new stock anyway so there are 3 avenues in place where customers can see updates already.
Winter seems to have stuck its foot firmly in the door here! Its been raining for about 12 hours and is blowing a gale out there. Thank heavens for warm workshops!

Ren x
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