Naughty sewing machines and new stock...

JINKS belt pouches in the making. Appliqué placement completed, ready for stitching.

Out of chaos, emerged ISOLDE. Lots of lovely clutch purses getting ready for their applique stitching.

Reggie and I had to have ‘firm’ words about tension and suchlike this afternoon! No place for yumpy tension in my workroom… Reggie apoligised profusely and asked to have the rest of the afternoon off to recover ;) OBVIOUSLY, I wasnt having that sort of behaviour either. No slacking in the Fairysteps workshop...

Closing the workroom door and off to cook tea. I’ve got some serious picture taking and listing to do on Monday.

A small hill of JINKS pouches, now ready...

And, look the ISOLDE clutches all finished :)

Even squished in some stock BINKY shoes too. Busy bees... Have a wonderful weekend everyone xxx
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