Name change

Very, very exciting day today!
Fairysteps has had a name change across the web. Its just one letter, but, its a change nonetheless. The new place to find me is:
Why did I do this dastardly daring deed? Well… lots of reasons really, but heres a few good ones…
1. When I took the fairysteps domain in 2005, sadly the .com domain had been taken by a holding company who demanded £2000 for the domain sale :( Ive checked for the past 12 years to see if its been released. Nope. I wanted .com because I sell worldwide, its the first domain everyone types, and lastly its quick to say and type (less dots).
2. A good while after I chose fairysteps I discovered that there was a shoe making factory in the north of England started in the 1930s which ceased trading decades ago. They went into liquidation a few years back I think. I dont want anyone typing in fairysteps to think Ive gone into liquidation.
3. This is a very odd one… its funny, but somehow I realised that fairysteps has grown up. As my eldest daughter said, and she mirrored exactly what I felt about this, fairy makes me think more of childrens portrayals of pretty little pink tinkerbell type fairies, yet, faery… well that makes me think more of the wider world of Fae, those prickles of ‘otherness’. They arent all pretty and pink and teeny weeny. I envisage something much bolder and wilder and stronger. And in my own funny way, I create for faery, not fairy. If 'fairy’ is child, then 'faery’ is adult.Did that make sense?
4. Always a bit of a nightmare having a business and trying to make sure you stay consistent across all social media platforms. That Nightmare with a capital N. Sadly I never managed to get that bit right on all platforms.I do now :) you can find me on: instagram, facebook, tumblr, pinterest, twitter and etsy as faerysteps
5. Business cards, leather branding inside the footwear and on the accessories and rubber stamps all say fairysteps still, but these will gradually be changed over. will remain and will always redirect you to the new shop address at so no links are broken.
Thank you my darlings for reading this, just wanted to explain.
Ren xxxx
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