My huge shawl and a thought for the unravelled hoodie.....

Here is the HOODIE completely unravelled.
I keep changing my mind about what to ressurect it as!
  • Firstly I thought make up the squares as a blanket....

  • Then, Im thinking NO, I dont want another blanket like the one I have just made in the same colours...

  • Next, well what about making the Rowan jumper pattern, MILLER from a yorkshire fable. Do I really want another jumper as I am already knitting a cardigan in aran weight chocolate brown and have just finished the fennel green cardi shown on an earlier post.

  • So its all unravelled in a box... yep, thats it up there on the top step in the autumn sunshine, looking really innocent when in fact its driving me mad!

Then today I had a eureka moment!!! They dont happen very often so this was very timely. I had a dance in my wonderfully, all enveloping shawl (shown below) and thought to myself, YES, thats it!

I will use the same pattern and make the de-hoodied wool into a sleeveless sort of top! Hard to explain because its only an idea at the moment, but I did start it in bed last night.
I used the shawl pattern from 'Happy hooker' (most unfortunate book title) compiled by Debbie Stoller. Its the sweet pea shawl, designed by Amie Hirtes. Its basically a shell stitch that keeps repeating so I am not sure if you can really say its been designed by anyone except the original person who made up the stitch, but there you go!

I couldnt be bothered to sew in the ends so crocheted a million spirally balls on the ends which looks rather lovely.
I shall work on the top as an asymetrical sort of design and basically make it up as I go along. Updates coming soon as this stitch is ever so quick. I used it on the front point of this top (shown above) last Spring, I sat watching performers at the fairy fest, crocheting to the rythum, quite relaxing, nearly caught the yarn on fire..........
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