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Another busy week in Fairysteps Land! Playing major 'catch my tail' ready for the holiday which begins next thursday on the 30th August! Cornwall here we come... its five go to smugglers top time again!

Another batch is also ready and will be posted off too this week! So more pictures to come...

In the workshop we have 3 new stock pairs ready for their bottoms too so hopefully these will be listed before we head off. Ive been so busy with shoes I havent had a spare minute for any accessories. But thats OK, time will present itself at some point! Lots of you are thinking ahead to Autumn and Winter footwear for colder months ahead. If the Summer is anything to go by, I was ready for Winter boots back in June!

On the woolly front:
Ive been on a rollercoaster ride of "Do I?" and "Don't I?" on having a separate shop for my  knitwear! As much as I think the shops are brilliant (and free!) I really dont have time to run another separate business. Fairysteps has become so busy, Im already pushed even with Mr F working alongside. But, I do have plans next year for more help, so thats going to be a huge boost. Ive popped my woolly bits back in the Etsy shop and will continue to add projects to my woolly website as before. 

Last but not least... I updated the website with a bells and whistles leather page showing all available leathers! Here it is... Lots more choice! I have even more, but those can be added later on! Ive even managed to get a new textured leather which I may be able to get in other colours too, including cherry red. Im calling it CHOCOLATE DRAGON...

It has a special oiled finish which means it will change colour, light to dark when creased... Just like Dragons underbellies do when they are flying overhead. You know what I mean...

And more of the antiqued lighter weight leathers which I use for applique work on some of the styles... Utter scrump! Im also hopefully organising some new purple, specially made, which should be available after Christmas. Its a long wait, but handmade materials like quality leathers take time, and the tanners are superb craftsmen in their own right!

Now then... back to the chutney!

Ren x
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