Merry Christmas x

Ren ~ The Fairy Shoemaker (resplendant in British Tweed and homemade woolliness), saying a very big...

Merry Christmas!

Im set on having a wonderful time, making merry and memories all at once. Full of mince pies, good food, brussell sprouts, roasted chestnuts, roses chocolates, fairy lights, family (that should be first), toasted toes by the fire, wrapping paper bundles, ribbons, knitting time, mounds of washing up, prickly holly, shed pine needles sticking in my thick army socks and causing immense irritation, tired tiddlywinks, protracted games of Pictionary, staying home, Rummy tournaments, Monopoly if Im forced to, long walks, late nights by the fire, sage and onion stuffing, more mounds of washing up, smiles, laughter, rattiness because we will all be on the verge of knackerdom!, Christmas story books, snow if we are lucky and love....

have a special one too x

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