Making a little time...

Long overdue... but I made myself take the whole weekend off. I am so reluctant to 'not' work that I must be the best employee on the planet. But, Ive got to make more time for spare time, for home time, for rest time, for change and recharge time. 

Sooo... this Saturday consisted of:
  • Pottering about first thing.
  • Actually started on the pile of 'Ive been sitting here for nearly a whole year' ironing.
  • Watching Littlest take part in a jazz and ballet dance show locally. Beamed with pride as she overcame her shyness.
  • Packed up a flask and biscuits and headed up on the Moor for a nice long, leisurely walk under a warm sun.
And then today (Sunday)...
  • I finished cleaning my new sewing room and set up my overlocker and domestic sewing machine. 
  • Spent 1 whole hour upstairs cleaning the front room up there which has turned into an inconvenient, convenient dumping ground... I sorted a nice pile to recycle and relocate which is all out of the house now! That's 3 bin bags down... only about 300 to go!
  • Cooked a wonderful roast with Mr F and the whole family was home so what a treat!
  • Went for a wander down the woods with Frederica Lamb, (did I mention... we have 3 now... Frederica, Dobby and Albert) to marvel at the warm weather and all the signs of life.
  • Found an old dress that I made over 20 years ago which matched perfectly with my new cardigan! Decided it needed a new life so I pressed it and cut it up. Its so pretty, and a soft fairly heavy cotton so ideal for an A line skirt for the Summer. 

I pinned the centre front and centre back seam together and then folded the skirt in half, placing the pattern 'cut on fold' line on this centre seam. I pinned through all 4 layers and then cut. So easy and quick!
Ive just got to insert a new side zip, bind the top edge and hem the bottom and its ready! I shall finish it next weekend.

I wanted some new clothes for the Summer because many of my skirts are threadbare, but its so hard to find anything thats a nice fit, or shape, or colour, etc, that Ive concluded I shall always have to make my own! I did buy 4 new cardigans though! This seemed the best plan. I bought some really bright colours too that I normally wouldnt wear! These will be my starting point and I can make skirts or dresses to match. I will only need a pretty vest and I will have a complete outfit.
The bright yellow cardigan is my favourite! Im going to treat myself to a pair of matching shoes. Clara I think, so I can change my ribbons as different accents. Yellow is such a happy colour isnt it.

And all of this beautiful fabric is actually a pile of sarongs I bought in a sale! Ive pre shrunk them ready for cutting. There is actually 1 metre of 150cms wide fabric in each sarong so plenty to make a skirt, and if there are 2 matching ones, then enough for a nice summer dress. Look at that retro bright viscose one above! Cant wait to cut it up!

And so that concludes my weekends 'time off' activities. It was wonderful. I feel refreshed for a long hard week ahead. I have a batch of shoes cut and ready to sew and finish, plus a huge pile of accessories which must be completed and listed in the shop too. The shelves are alarmingly empty now!
Ive had to take on an extra pair of hands to do the packing and to help with some of the admin work. I cant even begin to tell you how much help this is going to be for me! More time at the sewing machine! 

Full steam ahead chaps!

And finally... the most bizarre thing that happened in Fairysteps Land this past week... A pair of splendid peacocks turned up out of the blue! The peahen is rather shy and tends to hang out up with our hens, but the peacock is constantly strutting about  and fanning his tail out, showing off his splendour! He is even wearing pantaloons on his long legs. They are so exotic and in this Spring sunshine they appear like walking jewels. Wouldnt it be fun if they had a family here. We would have little pealets! I know... I made that word up!

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead! 

Ren x
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