Look...Look... bundles of delight!!!

I spent hours last night unravelling the front and back..... The wool is stunning!
Its very much more of what I wanted now. I must buy another little pot of brown dye and 'do' the sleeves. I may need that extra wool once I start knitting it up. I went to bed at 11 o'clock with a small pile of knitting books to find a pattern that inspired me. I want it fitted and shaped and as simple as possible to really show off the colours. Ive narrowed it down to these 2 patterns from Rowans, Summer Tweed book.
I like the long ribbing on this and the neckline if a little lower, plus the cable, but not for this project. No shaping though.
I love this one, Ive made 2 already using this pattern. Perfectly shaped on the waist. Sooooo, Im making this pattern but changing it, incorporating some of the elements of the other pattern. So wide deep ribs on the cuffs and welt. And the neckline wont be split, instead I shall knit it as a round neck and work the same rib on the neckline with a row of buttons off centre for detail up there.

Im so excited to start, I can hardly contain myself!!!
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