Let me introduce Clover...

Remember yesterdays post forewarning of adventure and excitement... 
Well... here she is, Clover. The source of all the excitement. And do you know, I have dreamed of these bicycles since the age of about 12 when I first saw them in my Mothers Country Living magazine. They were to me, Agatha Christie and Enid Blyton all rolled into one! I cant believe I now own one... Pinch me. 
She was bought as a very special gift for me from someone I love more than words can say, and I will remember that on every journey that I take her on.
Clover is a Pashley Princess Sovereign built entirely in England at Stratford-upon-Avon by Pashley's who have been making quality bikes since 1926. So I am riding a little bit of history and a big bonus is that I have supported British craftsmen and helped to keep a little bit of manufacturing going in this Country.   
My bottom will be sitting here... on this Brooks leather sprung saddle. 
And my flask, tea cup and saucer and cucumber and marmite sandwiches will be sitting in this huge wicker basket...

I know what Im doing this afternoon and tommorow!

Ren x
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