Latest treasure and treasure to come...

WIZARD in Holly green and Deep sea with Violet accents...

Would the phrase 'headless chicken' ring any bells in blogland at the moment? I have metamorphosized into a shoemaking one... in fact its just after 5 in the morning and I started work at 4... 

HOMILY in conker brown...

QUINCE in Toffee ecotan...

All have been posted as they are bound for warmer climes and the last posting date for Australasia was in fact yesterday. Just in time! Last post for US and Canada is Friday, but I shall have those completed and packed by Wednesday along with the UK ones. I will then have completed all of the bespoke orders for 2011 and can breathe again!

It also means that I can start making this HUGE mountain of cut 'bits' currently residing on my work table into new stock for the shop! These will include the following:

6 new MERRY purses in various colours.
ELDER in Jet black.
ELDER in Violet.
A new style BIG handbag in Violet.
3 KISS clutches in silver and palest pink.
3 MINNIE in silver and palest pink.
ALDER in Pumpkin and Garnet.
DRIP in Garnet.
JINKS in Garnet.
2 MINNIE in Violet.
2 MINNIE in Mulberry and Pumpkin.
DOROTHY in Garnet.
3 KISS in Berry.
JUDE in Berry.
ELDER in Jade and Berry.
MEG in Pink Dragon and Violet.
RUSBY in Pink Dragon.
BOBBIN UK 7 in Jet black.
OPHELIA UK 7 in Pumpkin and Garnet.
PUCK UK 4 in Marmite.
CLARA UK 7 in faded Plum.
PUCK UK 8 in faded Plum.
HOMILY in UK 5 in Conker.

 If I remember rightly thats the lot... there may be more and its so buried I cant see it! So the plan is to get this finished before Christmas, work table scrubbed and tidied ready for the new year ahead. I love putting new things into the shop so this is a real treat for me too! Its been so long since there has been waves of stock added and I have rather missed it to be honest (it always feels a bit like playing dolls houses to me). BUT having regular orders has been a blessing and I am grateful for that too.

Middlest made the first mince pies of the season last night which was a wonderful treat! Im looking forward to making my first batch very soon, along with a pasty baking session. Ive ordered a few DVDs as a Christmas treat so a sitting room picnic is on the cards I think! A huge pile of homemade pasties, cider, tea (for me), twinkly fairy lights and family, chutney and brown sauce and a jolly good film... bliss. Not forgetting my knitting of course...

And because I promised... the latest blanket! The Square... started back in August and finished in October I think it was. Its wonderfully warm and much appreciated by all on these chilly evenings when the fire hasnt been lit.

On the woolly front... Ive been very preoccupied with making hats of late but have to admit that I did have a good gander at some of my wool yesterday afternoon, and the word 'blanket' was definitely there in my head... Im thinking maybe Aran weight... and this time maybe giant granny squares, but some worked plain others multi striped so it gives the feeling of a sampler once joined. Might be interesting. I think I need some dark aran for this though to make the brights I have pop a bit more.

Im hoping to decorate the spare room before Christmas too. Littlest may move then as its much larger than her room. I will then have the smallest room as my new wool room / second workshop. I cant wait to get all of my wool stash together in one place instead of it being spread across the house like a snow drift. Plus having it all together will be a good opportunity to sort it all out and decide which yarns to keep and which to give to the charity shop for someone else to make use of. I have a small armchair for in there (space permitting) and with all of my knitting books, notebooks, etc its going to be a nice place to visit when I have the time!

Well its raining hard outside, the sky is still black as pitch, the house is silent and my feet are freezing... time for my second tray of tea! Hopefully our internet connection will be mended properly today. Its been running slower than a drunk slug for 2 weeks and driving me mad!!

Hope everyones Christmas preparations are going well!

Ren x

p.s. I have always replied to everyones comments I receive through blogger BUT much to my sadness my good friend pointed out that most people dont receive them. She then told me to look at the email address they are sent from in future. The ones marked noreply@... wont and never have received my carefully typed replies. Ive been doing this for years and never noticed. So Im so sorry for anyone who leaves comments and then felt let down that I never sent one back, or thanks for your kind words or support. Im afraid unless your account is set up to receive emails back (dont know how this happens, not even sure mine is either) I cant write back.
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