Latest shoe hatchings...

Mustardseed in Mulberry antiqued leather. The customer asked for a plummy colour and this was spot on!

QUINCE in bubblegum pink and ivory white flowers! And my favourite ribbons...

These PUCKS had to be warm and vibrant as the customer specifically likes 'candy colours'. I put my sweetie shop head on (Worzel Gummidge style) and here they are! Pink dragon uppers, pumpkin insoles and bright butterscotch ribbons! Willy Wonka would approve I think!

And wonderful HOMILYs in toffee and jet. These will be a good all rounder.

Hope to have another batch completed next week for you all to dribble over! The next ones are:
MOONSHINES in marmite
EDITH in toffee
HOLLY in wild oak
QUINCE in garnet

Back to work!

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