Latest makes... Feeling the greens of Summer

Such fun working today, even though the Sun shone so hot and I was rather wilting in the workshop like a dry Geranium!

I want to create more work like this RUSBY...

Layering all sorts of lost and found on a new object is quite liberating... and without even realising it, I dressed this morning ready to work in these colours! How bizarre! I honestly never plan it, but often do it!

En masse todays creations were rather pretty! I could see this collection being used for a wedding with the bride in a tattered Bohemian gown...

And please let me introduce THIMBLE above. The latest and largest in my range of 'Clutches to convert to Bags' range... Its the perfect large capsule to carry everything!

And finally in the Jade a pretty DODIE...

Finally, RUSBY in Emerald green with Peacock button detailing. I ought to send Kate Rusby one of these, after all she did inspire the naming of it!

Should have new shoe pictures of the latest batch to show you tomorrow. As long as I am fine and dandy in the morning I will get cracking bright and early!

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