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Lovely new HOLLYs finished and ready for the Post Office.

Moody blue, which im developing quite a soft spot for. I am being more and more drawn to dark blues and dark greys. I think that as I have aged the colours suit my hair and skin tone better. They have a bit more pop to them rather than the standard mocha / mushroom colours which seem to be offered to anyone who hits middle age. Plus, lets face it, they make practically ANY colour on earth just sing their hearts out! Im thinking, mustards, pinks, purples, turquoise, emeralds, jade, reds...

Rather earthy, wonderful Silt shown here. A lovely lady on the facebook page described it as 'muddy green' which really does sum it up. A difficult colour to photograph, let alone name. I did think of olive but, silt really did hit the nail on the head.
The customer who ordered these has a fairly neutral earthy wardrobe so these are going to be just the ticket for finishing off so many outfits. I do encourage customers who may be struggling with a colour choice to let me know what their main wardrobe colours are. It can really help to have a good think about your usual colours. Often its surprising how much you might be actually sticking to a very limited colour pallette.

ESTHER has proved once again to be very popular this month. Just including one pair here shown in lovely plum leather.

I think these will become favourites :)

Studio shot from this morning. All ribboned, tissue wrapped and boxed and labelled now.

Ren x
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