Lamb and yearnings...


The noisiest lamb we have ever raised! Mr F is talking about us keeping a small flock of our own though so maybe her shouting all day has helped! Id rather like a small flock again. I missed the sheep when they went.

Nose to the grind stone here in the workshop. I am busy working on a dozen pairs in various stages of finish at the present! I will have shoe pictures to share this week though!

And I know I said I was cutting down on stock accessories BUT I cant!!! Im yearning for making some purses and clutches! And when did I last make a Clemmie bag? Its no good! Now Ive got my 'proper' website shop back on Big Cartel it feels like I need to fill it with goodies!

Had a wonderful Sunday sewing with Littlest. We finally finished making her rag doll!

Better get back to work!

Ren x
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