LACE collar pattern by Fairysteps Knits

As promised the pattern for the above! Hopefully Ive written it well enough for it to make sense. These would make wonderful last minute gifts for loved ones. Have fun with it!

LACE collar.

Approx 30 to 50gms DK weight yarn OR play around with less stitches and bigger yarn! About 1 hour of uninterrupted peace and quite….. this is the hardest ingredient to source (Ive never found a shop that sells it).

5mm and 4.5mm crochet hook (or larger if substituting yarn).

Method: · Using the 5mm hook make about 50 chains + 3 extra to count as the first treble (that’s an English treble). Change to the 4.5mm hook and work a half treble into the third chain from the hook and in each other chain back down the length till you get to the first chain you did! First row is complete! · Turn. Now increase in the first stitch by working two trebles into it (first increase) work 1 treble into each of the next treble tops, then increase again by working 2 trebles into the next space. Continue increasing in this way on every fourth stitch until you get to the end of the row. Don’t worry if there isn’t quite the right amount of spaces at the end, just increase into the last stitch anyway! · Turn. The next row is made up of even longer stitches, double trebles! So chain 4 to count as your first double treble then work another double treble into the same stitch. Work 1 double treble into each of the next 2 spaces, then work an increase on the next space. Continue in this way working 2 double trebles, increase all along the row till the end, making sure that you work an increase on the last stitch. · Turn. Lacy edging: chain 6 then slip stitch into 3rd space from hook causing a loop. Continue doing this all along the row. So chain 6 then slip stitch into the third space. · Turn. Slip stitch up that loop till you get to the center! Work 8 chains and slip stitch into the top of the next loop…. It’s taking shape! Do this all along the row! You now have a herd of caterpillars. Break yarn and tidy up the end by stitching in. · Neck part: Rejoin the yarn to the same place where you started from at the very beginning. Chain 3 to count as the first treble and then work trebles all along the initial starting row till the end. · Turn. Work another 3 rows of trebles in this way, or if you are a giraffe about 300 rows. · Turn. Chain 2 to count as first half treble and then work half trebles all along this row till the end. · DO NOT TURN! Chain 2 then working down the front edge work approx 10 half trebles down to that first row. This part forms the little placket for the buttons to be sewn on. · Turn. Chain 2 then work half trebles back along the row. · Repeat last row once more, then break yarn leaving a long tail which can be used to sew on the 2 buttons. · At the other end of the collar you need to make 2 little hoops to act as buttonholes. Just rejoin and work a few slip stitches along then form a chained loop of however many stitches you need for your button, skip a few spaces and slip stitch a bit further before making the next loop, slip stitch down to the first row beginning point again. · Sew on your buttons, sew in your loose tails….. Find a mirror, and admire your creation!
WARNING - Once you've got used to wearing this you will NOT want to take it off, so make several in different colours to go with all your clothes. Hope this works out well for you!

Personal use only please and if you fancy posting a picture in the Fairystepsknits flickr group please do!!
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