Knitting bag update.... and holidays

We didnt go camping in the end... the forecast looked grim and no one could face drying a soaking bell tent so we had a different type of holiday, still a holiday though!
Monday was to be a 'home holiday day' where everyone in the house could choose just what they wanted to do... no jobs allowed (I did wash up though...).
Mr Fairysteps had a day 'bodging', I took my NEW knitting project and sat and admired his handywork... I am waiting excitedly for the first greenwood chair....
I took this picture above of a couple of his tools because they looked so wholesome in the dimpsy light of the shed.

I even took a fuzzy picture of the start of the knitting! Its a short sleeved pullyover knitted in Patons INCA. A high wool blend which is as soft as dandelion down and knits up at lightening speed on 7mm needles, so fast in fact that even though today is day 3 of the 'holiday' Ive already completed the back and am just over the ribbings on the front. I am to reach the armholes by bedtime......

This pattern is from the Sirdar tweedie chunky pattern book. I want to knit everything in here!!! I only have 8 balls of the INCA wool so hope I have enough. Its going to be touch and go though. The pattern calls for 6.5mm needles and the tweedie chunky has twice the yardage per ball... not a good start! Ive made the teeniest size to make up for the needle size difference and am just going to pray to the goddess of knitting that she lets me have enough to complete it! The back took just a smidge under 4 balls so considering the big gap missing in the front for the V neck I reckon there will be enough for the sleeve ribs.
I shall wear this alot this autumn with long sleeved tops and a woolly collar. It should be just the job for washing up... no woolly jumper sleeves getting soggy.
Why am I starting another woolly adventure when the red cardigan is still NOT finished?
Tuesday saw us all heading for the seaside. It was a long, hot, perfect day!
Wednesday... de sanding the car, towels, tiddlywinks, knitting and everything else, and the remainder doing another 'home holiday'.
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