JINKY a new fairy pouch... and a bag...

Its new, its pink, its perfect!! I know Ive made this before as a bag but it dawned on me that without the gusset (hate that word) it would make a really good sleek belt pouch.

Ive made the slots to take a nice thick 2" belt. This will sit nicely below the hip keeping all your essential fairy bits and bobs safe!

The LULA order in nightshade leather all finished, photographed and ready to wrap in tissue paper and love....

Ive started twittering but am not quite sure I am twittering properly. It was all new and exciting yesterday but today with a list as long as both my arms I am wondering have I got time to twitter? Or even mumble for that matter? We shall see! Even if I only tweet occasionally I can at least watch other twitterings when time allows...

Update at 7.00 in the evening, have decided to leave twitter and knit more instead of tippy tapping.... sorry.... I know.... Im a let down on the IT front, but there we go.... Feeling a teeny bit 'spread too thin' in which case I must prioritise.... I like reading blogs rather than tweets better! No competition there!

Last note..... sat in bed at 10 oclock last night with 5 minutes finally to myself and finished all the knitting on my red cardigan..... more on that later... suffice to say it was touch and go!

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