Its finished.....

At last my needles are free!
I particularly like the way the little handspun crochet circles turned out.
I love it when I finish a project. This one turned out beautifully and has just been listed for sale on the Fairysteps website. Someone may like it as a christmas gift! Made in wonderful pure British wool, spun in a water powered spinning mill, this yarn has high green credentials! A natural blend of browns have been carded to produce this wonderful muted shade. Knitted into a simple pullyover shape with a shaped waist for defining your curves, with a deep V neck accented with crochet handspun whitefaced dartmoor wool which I dyed beautiful shades of green and russet.
Christmas gift knitting will be on my needles next.... I have a small mountain of mittens and a hill of hats to make for presents. Once complete I shall take a photo en masse so you can all see them (and wish you had a pair.... maybe)! The theme will be stripes and bears......
The Rayburn needs lighting (its white outside, Jack Frost visited last night) and the dishes seem to be breeding in the sink so need attending to.
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