In the knitting basket today...

As promised yesterday time for a knitting basket update!
Not exactly Summer knitwear BUT I am being very practical with this project! In future I am determinded to only knit items which will give me years of wear. With this premise in mind It has to be top quality materials and well fitted patterns in super useful colours.
Remember this wonderful vintage cardigan pattern? I decided that I would use the pattern but not the previously planned cotton DK. In fact Ive decided I am never knitting with cotton again, I just dont like the feel of it on my needles! Crochet, yes, knitting no!
I dont want a plain brown cardigan so have added a little contrast here with the rust coloured wool. I really fancied something traditional like an OXO fair isle border but on second thoughts realised that it would make the border rather heavy. I chose a simple pattern that I made up myself. Just a simple cross design bordered with 2 rows top and bottom. I am also casting on with one row of the contrast in the rib.
And the all important tidy stranded rear view!
Im having lots of fun knitting this and have even ordered some embroidered brown cotton fabric to make a simple A line skirt to go with it. Ive got a really nice burnt orange stretch top to pick up the rust colour too.
Better carry on knitting...
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