In the knitting bag...

Obviously with days away looming ahead, and striped deck chairs on the front lawn overlooking the sea... tea tray at my elbow, knitting bag at other elbow... a project was needed that could be completed in a week!

So... using Aran weight, 25% wool and my bamboo needles which were purchased in Cornwall last year, Ive set off on an old 1980s cardi pattern! Knitted all in one up to the armholes, then raglan sleeves and a simple crew neckline its a breeze to knit and I shallnt even have to watch my fingers! I really wanted a simple cardi with a colour band across the waist and just a highlight of colour on the ribs. This way I can add a row of coloured buttons that pick up the stripe colours a treat. This is all Ive done so far to get me started, but hopefully I will complete it while away.

And just to prove that I do indeed take my knitting bag / basket everywhere... here we are on a trip down the woods last week. Every row counts!

Now then, better get back to my packing. 3 outfits I think... but mainly wool... ;)

Ren x
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