I know, here we go again!! BUT by jingo my heads been frying over this whole, 'shifting to Etsy / Suggestions' thing! Everytime I think Ive got it sussed, I realise that actually I dont!!


The suggestions seemed like a brilliant idea but in reality it doesnt work. So far only about 25% of customers who made a suggestion have gone on to purchase the finished footwear. And thats OK, it was never meant to hold people to ransom with, but realistically Fairysteps will be bankrupt if I continue to use up my leather and soling on shoes that will sit on the shelves in stock.

It dawned on (after having a good natter with my good and worldly friend Lulu...) that actually Etsy will work for me taking custom orders! On the old website / shop I couldnt regulate how many orders were placed which meant that I was often swamped, resulting in long waiting lists. No fun for customers or me. But with Etsy I can list a particular style as CUSTOM MADE and then offer customers the choice of size and colour. I can guage how much work I have each week and list accordingly. This means that I never have to take on more than I can manage. It means that I can fulfill orders without people waiting forever. It means that I will be paid allowing me to replenish material stocks. It means that I can free up some time for making bags and accessories... cant remember when I last made a bag!!!

Ive had to make the rather desperate decision NOT to make any of the other suggestions that people have sent in. Im really sorry but as Ive said above, its just not viable. Hopefully anyone who made a suggestion and was serious about buying will hopefully keep a watch on the shop for when a listing in the style they want comes up. Grovelling message to all suggestors below...

If you made a previous suggestion you will be pleased to hear that there is a better chance of making it reality now. Instead of waiting for a possible email saying that they are made you can now purchase a CUSTOM MADE listing in the shop. Numbers will be limited so watch the shop regularly for new listings! Im very sorry for any inconvenience that this has caused and want to say a big thank you for your patience while I have made the transition onto Etsy x

I hope this makes sense! It does to me but then again my poor beffudled head was just glad of a chink of light in the gloom!

I shall be listing STOCK shoes over the coming days...

Ren x

p.s. I clicked the Etsy currency changer and my whole shop went wrong! I spent 3 hours last night dilligently clicking away mending it all! Phew!
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