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The Sun is falling fast now and when it does shine, my goodness its glowing! I love the colours at this time of year.

The front porch is appreciated even more at this time of year due to the steady rain we are having. Clara shoes having a tea break…

I took the plunge and decided to use some Farrow and Ball Minster Green on the spare bedroom door. It needs another coat, but I love it.

The painting is all but complete (just one window to top coat now). Middlest helped for a coupe of hours with painting which was a real boost as i was losing the will to live in there! White is so difficult to paint… I mean where have you been with the brush?

I had planned to pop an antique dressing table here in this spot, which matches the bed… but on reflection decided that although that may look very pretty and tidy, it wouldnt really be as useful as adding a little sewing spot. Its so light in this room I couldnt resist. Plus Littlest decided she didnt want this desk anymore so it turned up at just the right time. In here i can have sewing machine, trusty mannequin ( ) and ironing board set up all the time for a spot of dressmaking. 
In the workshop…
Much doings. Mr Fairysteps has been busy adding new stock to his shop on Etsy. As well as making some rather nice MERRY purses for the Fairysteps shop.
Shoe orders continue apace with a steady stream being completed each week. Custom is closed on the website till New Years day now to allow time to tidy up the year and make precious time for family. I love Christmas, but I must admit, I am not keen on seeing all the adverts everywhere so early on.
Hoping very much to have some spare bag making time in December, but we shall have to see as the custom pile is very big and my hands are small by comparison. I live in hope!
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