I'm now a one armed shoemaker...

Cripes... Had a bit of a low, low moment last night. My bad arm (I was diagnosed with Frozen shoulder a month ago) finally showed me who was boss. I struggled to lift the lift arm on Reggie my big leather sewing machine. It was such a blow. I just never expected it to get this bad. I now need help dressing and cant even put a coat on without help. I ask you what a pickle!
BUT others have far worse so I WILL NOT wallow over this development.
Instead, I had to have a good long think in bed, which isnt difficult because 'the arm' wakes me up constantly through the night now. Mr Fairysteps said he will set up a very tall chair so that I can be much higher than the machine which may help for a while, thats a bonus. Also Ive had to stop taking suggestions for new stock. Its just not fair making customers wait, especially as there is a big possibility that this condition will get worse now. Apparently it can take 2 to 4 years to clear...
Im going to keep working though, I have lots of customer suggestions to work through, albeit slowly now, and Im happy to say that I can still crochet very happily!

Chin up! Its a beautiful Autumn day and Ive still got the other arm!!!!
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