Im feeling very holey...

Ive gone a bit punchwork mad this past week! Lots of the new stock has holey detailing. A few examples are here for you to see the extent of this current Fairysteps craze.... FAE is shown above in Mulberry pull up and is in the shop here
Poppy got the same treatment. This teal version along with others is in the shop here
Its all because of my new punch block... this image shows the top of my old one. Its an offcut from a beam used in the house. Its softwood and quite frankly... useless. Always has been but I carried on regardless, as you do. This image looks rather beautiful though, and the last thing this block of wood will do for me is to heat a kettle full of hot water for a pot of tea....
Behold.... newly fashioned, fit for purpose oak punching block (a timely present from my woody Father, thanks Dad!). It hardly has to sniff the punch and a perfect, clean hole is cut. It even has a level bottom so it doesnt wobble irritatingly just at the wrong moment. See, Im spoilt!!!

Are'nt tools that do a good job just heaven!

Last note: Day off today for Mr Fairysteps birthday. We are taking the tiddlywinks to see Alice in Wonderland... cant wait...!!!! Back to work on Monday!
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