Ice cream heaven!

Forgot to blog this rather stunning picture of ice cream made by Littlest. Vanilla from the perfect little ice cream book 'Scoop'.

Doesn't it make you feel happy seeing all of that pink!

Feeling happy with my work... lots of shoes nearing later stages of readiness and I have a huge pile of at least 45 new items for the shop, all cut and ready to sew. So... Im itching to get those made up too. Im also hoping to have some new custom places up for grabs in May for everyone. And, Ive been designing gadget cases so this will be a new line for me too! 

So much excitement... how will I contain it all x

Last words: Im so sorry to all of you who liked leaving comments on the blog. It just became so frustrating not being able to reply via blogger to everyone. I dont know why my blog used to do that but the guilt that some of you were being seemingly ignored was too much for me! I shut off comments and hoped that anyone who was interested in updates from Fairysteps Land would continue to visit anyway! I shall continue to visit all of my many favourite blogs on my reading list!

Ren x
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