I saw something nasty in the woodshed.... and a sneak preview

Actually my woodshed is full of nice things, like logs..... it was on the internet when I reordered soling materials ready for an influx of fairy shoes...... the cost of materials has increased so much that I way underestimated what I could sell the new fairy shoe styles for. Ooops!!! I think material prices are rising all the time during this recession, has anyone else noticed this?
Anyway, having looked at my old style prices Ive set the new ones at the lowest cost of those. Enough of the depressing money side of the affair.......

Onto the 'sneak preview' of the post heading..... let me introduce you to QUINCE. I shall let the picture speak for itself. A mass of ribbons and I am sorely tempted. My own pair of Oberon fairy shoes have been on all week and Ive driven in them, worked in them, gardened in them, picked gooseberries in them and slept in them... just kidding about the last one!

I am thinking of offering a shorter less dramatic fairy toe for less extrovert fairies amongst us who may not want to go the whole hog with a true pointy toe shoe... what do you reckon???

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